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    - update right axis description to not be cut off
    - rewording
      - "low amount" → "small number"
      - "digitalization" → "digitization"
      - clarify diameter and emission wavelength dependence on (6,5) type
      - use *photoluminescece* quantum yield
      - "strong influence" → "strong sensitivity"
    - typography error
      - "ventile" → "valve"
      - "dielectricum" → "dielectric"
      - "Tanahaka" → "Tanaka"
      - "spacial" → "spatial"
    - automatic rebuild of graph macros from stored ipf files
    - clarify diamond and circle symbols in violin plots
    - clarify faulty chiral assignment for spectra.
    - clarify strong emission as the phenomenon visible in the graph
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    - add missing radius r to Hamiltonian
    - include unit Debye
    - clarify angle calculation
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